Equian is a leading provider of payment integrity solutions to healthcare payors and provider networks throughout the United States – and around the world.  Our model ensures each healthcare interaction is paid accurately, and at the lowest possible cost.

Through our technology, partnerships, and skilled staff we offer access to the markets broadest selection of medical discount solutions designed to ease administrative burden and achieve the lowest possible cost of medical care.

We have a proven system to reduce your healthcare cost. Our approach is based on proprietary data analytics coupled with deep domain expertise.

Once we’ve aligned with you and analyzed all the data, we provide integrated pre and post-payment solutions that eliminate wasteful and inappropriate spending.

One of our nation’s most pressing challenges is the rising cost and affordability of healthcare.

At Equian, all of our efforts are dedicated to addressing this challenge.

maritime & international solutions


Equian has more than 20 years of experience in payment integrity solutions for the maritime industry servicing P&I Clubs, Agents, Correspondents and individual ship owners. Our provider network consists of over a million physicians and 500,000 facilities; including hospitals, ancillary providers, and specialty care providers. Equian specializes in out-of-network negations where we identify customary charges and arrange for discounted rates. Click the button below to see how Equian can work for you.

Maritime Services


Equian is a full service Third Party Administrator (TPA) for our international clients. We process and pay the claims. Along with these services we also offer 24/7 customer service, card issuance, and catastrophic claims management via our Case Management Program. During this process we utilize our experience in payment integrity solutions for best in class outcomes. Click the button below to learn more about how Equian can help you.

International Services


Pharmaceutical Case

$1.1 Million Claim Reduced by nearly 50%

Issue: Quantity billed excessive

Patient was a 77 year-old male admitted with an abdominal aneurysm. Was given Cefepime post-operatively. Facility posted a quantity of 3,507 Grams on the patient’s bill. Reviewer allowed a quantity of 20 for twice daily dosage for the manufacturer’s maximum specified period of 10 days and challenged the excess.

  • Total bills: $1,126,804.56
  • Challenges: $540,659.35

Results: $540,659.35 (48%) secured in savings

Trauma Case

80% Savings for Inappropriate Billing

Issue: Inappropriate level of encounter and services

Patient was a 28 year-old female who was an elective presentation to the emergency room after a minor auto accident. She was referred there at the recommendation of her personal physician. Patient was in observation for a period of 9 hours and discharged home to self-care but was charged for trauma activation, observation time and room and board.

  • Total bills: $12,862
  • Challenges: $10,311

Results: $10,311 (80%) secured in savings

Outpatient Surgery

Markdown of 68% for lack of itemized bills

IssueCost and Billing Methodology

Patient was a 44 year-old male who underwent multiple capsulotomies and pinnings of bilateral feet. The surgery was performed at an outpatient surgery center with an UB-04 containing 11 CPT codes for $4,478 each. The facility refused to supply an itemized bill. We evaluated the costs, identified multiple procedure markdown, and applied bilateral surgery markdowns.

  • Total bills: $49,258
  • Challenges: $33,585

Results: $33,585 (68%) secured in savings


Equian has grown to become one of the nation’s leading companies for healthcare reimbursement analysis and solutions. But it didn’t happen overnight. Check out the infographic below, which represents the history of our company.

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